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Picture yourself as an entity of light and color, and imagine that how you illuminate or shade your world alters its very fabric. Welcome to Supersensory, a realm beyond the senses. It is a world defined not by the physical characteristics to which we are accustomed such as density and charge, but rather by the interplay between emotions. In Supersensory, color and emotion are one and the same.

You and your partner take the roles of Lumen and Shade, the embodiments of light and darkness. Inexorably tied and eternally in opposition, these archetypes cannot exist without one another. It is on this bond that we set our scene.

In this conceptual demo you experience the story from Lumen's perspective.

Supersensory was created by galacticraven, violace, Kyle Culver, TooSoonForNow, and xelarajo. Featuring original music by galacticraven.

This game is our entry to a contest held by W/ARE. We have been selected as one of the finalists out of 682 submissions, and if you like our project, you can vote for us here!

Install instructions

Extract the files from the archive and double click the .exe (Windows) or .app (Mac) file to run the game.

We strongly recommend not using a display resolution lower than 1280x720.


Supersensory(PCv0.50).rar 109 MB
Supersensory(MACv0.50).zip 125 MB


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